Product Design, Smart-contract, Frontend, Backend, UX/UI, Management


DeFi + CeFi

Context & Mission

Membrane is an OTC protocol that allows for multi-chain trading, lending, netting, and clearing of crypto assets. Membrane mission is to standardize OTC transactions and contribute to the expansion and maturation of the space as a whole. TradFi is hard, DeFi is hard, Membrane is easy.


We worked hard for 2 years iterating MVP and looking feedback from users and investors. 3rd year, working on a defined product which solves institutional problems.

We came up with a set of web app and desktop applications, useful for institutions to trade, lend, settle and process payments, keeping custody of the assets.

Membrane is built using mainly js and web3 technologies. Most of the architecture is built on AWS cloud. Tech description: React, NextJS, NodeJS, Typescript, Express, AWS microservices, Docker, GIthub actions, CI/CD, Terraform, Redis, SQL server, DocumentDB, MongoDB, Solidity, Hardhat, Ledger, Blockchain nodes (bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, others).