The plug-and-play technical department for brands.

Professional Business Development Solutions for eCommerce and Web 3.0

Startup Slang is a creative full service Business Development agency, specializing in helping eCommerce and Web 3.0 companies with Design, Development, Marketing, Content Production and many other services.

Think of us like a Plug-and-Play technical department, ready to join your business and help you succeed, with our expertise.

In its young life as an agency, Startup Slang has already been able to work with over 2000 companies from all over the world. We are on the way to becoming Canada's largest eCommerce agency with a full team of over 50+ eCommerce Specialists.

Bringing eCommerce and Blockchain services together, Startup Slang is at the forefront of emerging technologies and the future of online shopping. Our international reach has also allowed the agency to work with companies in over 30 countries.

Companies we have worked with range from startups with that spark that can turn into a billion dollar empire, all the way to Fortune 500 companies.

Our team of dedicated Designers, Developers, Content Producers and eCommerce Specialists are all experts with a ton of experience, ready to help your business grow.

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545 King St W, Toronto, ON, M5V 1M1


1155 Metcalfe St Suite 1500, Montreal, QC, H3B 2V6

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Damiano Raveenthiran

Founder, CEO

Rachel Jacobs

Director of Operations

Ayan Ahmed

Head of Service

Kevin Samuel

Head of Growth

Tom Cobb

Head of Projects

Josh Eppel

Head of Commercial

Ryan Wong

Systems Architect

Zifan Gao

Executive Assistant

Natasha Bissada

Project Manager

Jorge Mosquera

Sr Web Developer

Stefan Pietrobono

Marketing Director

Tiffany Wong

Digital Designer

Jundy Marsada

Executive Assistant

Wynona Miranda

Lead Generation Assistant

Ella Lapteva

Web Developer

Faiz Ali

Quality Assurance Specialist

Antonio Boccanfuso

Content Production Director

Joshua Doner

Executive Advisor,
NFT & Blockchain Expert

Suthan Webs

Lead Digital Designer

Ali Ghandour

Digital Designer

Toni Marino

SEO Specialist

Alex Lascus

Social Media Specialist

Alessandra Magnante

Marketing Coordinator

Carli Monzon

Country Manager, 

Juan Jose Echeverry

Project Coordinator

Ruben Jay Joaquin

Web Developer

Steefan Raveenthiran

Sr Blockchain Developer

Elspeth Chalmers


Arik Ahluwalia

Email Marketing Director

Nancy Pelchat

Lead Generation Specialist

Nelson Garcia

Lead Generation Specialist

Sajana Vol

Digital Designer

Dean Simpson

Lead Generation Specialist

Diego Romo Macias

Lead Generation Specialist

David Steele

Lead Generation Specialist

Daniel Tavares

Lead Generation Specialist

Anel Filene

Lead Generation Specialist

Julian Kerr

Account Manager

Calvin Wong

Digital Designer



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