Arable Finance


Smart-contract, Frontend, Management



Context & Mission

Arable Finance is the first multi-chain synthetic yield farming protocol. By creating synths for assets Arable allows cross-chain liquidity farming in a single place, eliminating the hassle and complexity over-investing in many blockchains.

Jun, the founder of Arable, reached us to accelerate his MVP for raising capital. They were looking for an early-hire engineer and we offered our co-founder friendly services.

Arable accomplishes this by providing synthetic derivatives of native chain assets to speculators and farmers


The main challenge was dealing with the proprietary middle layer for lending/borrowing interest-bearing derivatives that Arable provides to speculators to achieving “bridging” them into the platform.


The frontend code had to be connected to a development environment of a brand new protocol and it was hard to differentiate between protocol bugs and frontend errors.

Our remote team worked for 2 months closely with the Arable team and was crucial to find and solve many protocol bugs


The Arable protocol is the first synthetic farming protocol. The Arable protocol will power the yield farmers to use a single interface and single-chain to farm on their favorite network. Anyone can farm any network asset on any chain with the highest APY.