April 2022 - November 2022 


Migration from WooCommerce with Custom Shopify Plus UI/UX Redesign + Development, and PIM Setup  


Alcohol Baskets, Gift Baskets, Corporate Baskets 



Context & Mission

BroBasket offers a variety of products for alcohol lovers and teetollers alike. From spirit baskets, snack baskets, care packages, limited edition gift sets, to engraved bottles, and rare spirit bottles—plus the option to completely customize your own basket and make corporate orders for your team!

BroBasket's mission was to move away from WooCommerce, which had difficult checkpoints throughout the shopping and user experience to Shopify Plus, with a custom flow, upgraded UI/UX, and a great  checkout process, with a goal to raise conversions by 50-100%.


The BroBasket team had their work cut out for them, given the original state of their WooCommerce website. Their version of that site was slow and heavy loaded with imagery, and hard to navigate CTAs which slowed down the site and made for a terrible user experience. It was imperative for the BroBasket team to lay out all of the difficult issues point in the checkout flow in order for our team to provide a custom checkout experience for their users. The other challenge we were faced with was getting BroBasket's catalogue onto a PIM to restructure product information, categorization, and inventory that wouldn't offset the usual order process their fulfillment centers were accustomed to.


We knew that BroBasket product proposal was a no-brainer great selling product; however, with the original user flow mixed with the quick growth the company experienced in 2020, the shopping experience, as a whole, was lacking ease and swiftness. These are the changes we recommended: 

  1. Migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus

  2. Optimized UI/UX with a Custom Build and Flow

  3. Better Product + Inventory Management using PIM

We simplified yet upgraded the UI/UX to showcase an user-friendly and functional site, from landing on the homepage to your order checkout confirmation. We've included upsells throughout the site as well as enhanced the ultimate "Customize your Own Basket" experience that is definitely a big ticket item for the BroBasket brand. From leveraging a PIM, for products and the fulfillment process combined, being strategic about the Klaviyo marketing components as well as a custom checkout flow that includes a calendar for your desired delivery date, the solution we presented had driven an increase in repeat customers, brand fidelity and overall engagement.


After the launch of the newly redesigned BroBasket site, we boosted  conversions pragmatically by over 53% using multi-level A/B Split Testing done through Klaviyo and Google Optimize. We've also coordinated 3PL integration to resolve all fulfillment issues. We will continue partnering with BroBasket to ensure we reach and exceed their goal of conversion of 50-100%! 


Founded in 2013, BroBasket aims to help you find the perfect gift for the father, brother, colleague, or friend in your life; it's the one-stop shop for easy pre-made alcohol gift baskets, with an emphasis on customizing your own basket for the special person in your life and commemorating it with engravings. With their new Shopify Plus store, BroBasket is now able to welcome their users with a better shopping and gifting user experience, and a flow incomparable to their previous WooCommerce version. We cannot wait to see where 2023 takes BroBasket and we'll be there to support them with their growth throughout this year and beyond!