Design Home Inspired, by Electronic Arts


February 2020 - October 2020


Custom Shopify App Development, Shopify Plus Development, UI/UX Design, Conversion Rate Optimization


Home Decor, Furniture, Video Games



Context & Mission

Electronic Arts approached us in collaboration with Burke Decor to create a unique shopping experience for one of their most popular mobile games, Design Home, currently being played by over a million people each day. Design Home is the mobile game where you can engage in creative play with high-end furniture and home decor from real brands to create beautiful 3D spaces.


We had to find a way to connect the Design Home mobile game to a Shopify Plus store so players could purchase the home decor pieces they liked. The client also asked us to create a solution that would allow players from the game to use the in-game currency in order to get rewards on real physical furniture purchases.


Since no one had ever connected a mobile game to a Shopify Plus store before, we had to custom build a middleware solution that housed the conditional logic for users to be able to use in-game currency on the Shopify store as well as match each product in the game with a product on the Shopify store. We also set up and managed a server on an ongoing basis for this project.


By working together with the teams from Burke Decor and Electronic Arts’ mobile gaming division, Glu Mobile, we were able to achieve the requested technical specifications allowing over a million people per day to have the ability to purchase home decor and furniture directly from the game they know and love. This created a brand new source of income for the mobile game that has since surpassed the 7 figure mark in revenue.

Official Press Release: Glu Mobile and Design Home Launch Mobile E-Commerce Store: Design Home Inspired


Through the Design Home Inspired Shopify Plus store, Design Home players can now shop and save on thousands of home decor accessories delivered straight to their homes. Startup Slang is now the first agency to develop a project of this kind within the Shopify and mobile gaming ecosystems.

“With Design Home Inspired, we are introducing a new way to express your style, shop and live the life of an interior designer, all while playing a game,” said Executive Vice President Mark van Ryswyk who leads Design Home. “At a time when we are all thinking about our home surroundings more than ever, Design Home Inspired offers the chance to escape into the beautiful world of home décor.”