Dyson Supersonic


September 2020 - October 2020


WooCommerce Development, UI/UX Design, Conversion Rate Optimization


Household Appliances



Context & Mission

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday for Chinese people, it's a holiday of family, food, and gifts. One of the main consumers of Dyson products is their Chinese audience, and thus, they wanted us to create the limited Chinese New Year edition of their famous bladeless Supersonic hairdryer.


The microsite's main objective was to showcase each feature and innovative qualities of this product while playing to the campaign's theme of Chinese New Year. The biggest challenge of this build was creating a way to show how each attachment of the product functioned together.


In this project, we were an extension of Dyson’s existing design team and we first approached this project by studying their target audience and asking a multitude of questions such as:

  • What colors are present on Chinese New Year?

  • How does the Chinese audience use the internet differently?

  • How should we internationalize the site?

  • How should we present each feature in the most intuitive, engaging way?

These questions allowed us to determine our target audience and provided us a general idea of how the site should feel. As with most of our projects, we first started the project by drafting a mockup to visualize the structure of the different pages, image locations, and context of the copy. Doing so allowed us and Dyson to align early on in the process to make quick changes and decide on what features are priorities on the site.


We created a microsite as a part of their campaign to drive traffic to their main website where customers can buy the product. As a $400 product, we needed to create a very simplistic and elegant site that demonstrates exactly why this product can command such a high price point.


Over 1 million people visited the website during the Chinese New Year and Dyson shipped products all across the world, to over 73 cities. The website was a great success that allowed Dyson’s Chinese audience to take advantage of a well crafted experience that resonated with them.