January 2020 - March 2020


Shopify Plus Development, UI/UX Design, Conversion Rate Optimization





Context & Mission

The team at Holigos had a revolutionary clinically tested product to help people with Irregular Bowel Syndrome treat the ongoing symptoms of their illness. Created by a Danish biotechnology company, Holigos is dedicated to total well-being through improved digestive health.

The Holigos team knew that the gut is at the core of physical, and in turn, emotional well-being, yet when they looked around for options to promote and maintain digestive health, they realized there was a void, which is where Holigos was born. Now that the product was done, all that was left was a great looking new website to get it out to a global audience.


The Holigos team had a product that required quite a bit of education, given its inherently medical nature. Their current website on Magento was not cutting it for this purpose. It was important for the Holigos team to lay out all of the information on the product for users to make an informed decision. The other challenge we had was to migrate Holigos’ old subscription model over to a new system that would allow its customers to have a portal to manage their subscription.


As we gathered more website and digital marketing campaign data, we found that people went to the old Holigo’s website for three main goals.

  1. To educate themselves on what they can do to treat Irregular Bowel Syndrome.

  2. To research the product, prices, and ingredients before ordering.

  3. To buy Holigos, straight to their door.

We simplified the website to better cater to those two primary functions. From distilling shopping organizations to one category with custom tagging and shortening the home page length by 60%, being strategic about what content we served had driven an increase in conversion rate, page depth and overall engagement.


After deliberating with several of our team members and partners in the Shopify ecosystem, we designed a website that converted at a 4% level. We also migrated the subscription service over to Recharge. We created a high converting product page that allowed people to choose various tiers for their Holigos subscription.


Holigos IBS Restore is a targeted microbiome nutrient clinically shown to help relieve pain, bloating, constipation, and/or diarrhea due to IBS. With their new Shopify store, Holigos was able to grow substantially, allowing them to gather over 50,000 users on their new subscription tiers. Holigos was then acquired by DuPont as a result, becoming one part of DuPont’s larger foray into digestive health.