Frontend, Backend, Smart-contracts, Management, UX/UI Design, QA




United States

Context & Mission

Mantial is the one-stop-shop to launch and manage custom NFT collections.

Mantial is the first no-code NFT launchpad that provides a self-serve WebApp and a minting portal, allowing artists to create and manage their own NFT collections.


1. Make it self serve, since creating a collection requires a lot of information either for the deployment on Ethereum or for registering on Immutable X.

2. Reduce as much as possible the costs of the operations on the blockchain.


To solve the first one, we designed and developed a set of Smart Contracts with defined functionalities that work together to create and manage the collections.

Then we designed and implemented an off-chain system composed of two frontends and a backend that make the interaction with the Smart Contracts easier for the users.

For the second challenge, we had to do some research and POCs to identify the best way of performing some actions and validations at the least possible cost.


We realized for example that the use of Clones could make the Collection deployments cheaper while still maintaining all the functionalities.

We also had to find out the best possible way to organize and store complex data so the analysis of it is as cheap as possible too.

At the moment, Mantial has this platform deployed and working. We're iterating over it either to add new features, fix some bugs or refactor to make the user experience as smooth as possible.