Private Vaults


UX/UI Design, Smart-contracts, Frontend, Tokenomics, Backend, Product Design



Context & Mission

Rather Labs Vaults is a platform that bridges the knowledge gap for private and institutionalinvestors to high-yield crypto investments. It provides a roster of curated, cross-chain,high-yield and market-neutral automated complex investment strategies.


The main challenges in DeFi investments is
- Complexity: there are hundreds of protocols on different blockchains
- Needs attention: Crypto assets are extremely volatile, it requires monitoring minuteby minute.
- Short-lifespan: Investments opportunities are very short-lived, meaning a high yieldopportunity might have alpha for only a month.


The platform indexes data-points from multiple DeFi protocols and finds investment opportunities. We created a set of smart-contracts that holds custody and manages the assets automatically on behalf of the liquidity owner, so no trust is required.