ContactOut: How does it stack up vs the rest?

Key Takeaways

There's a ton of Data Enrichment Chrome extensions available now that run while you browse social media. 

Especially designed for us who work in B2B marketing, these SaaS products prioritize LinkedIn. 

Key among the options are the contact details finders, of which I've tried maybe 30 over the last month. 

ContactOut is the latest I've taken for a spin, and I have to say it's been pleasant to use, and I managed to find more emails / phone numbers than I expected. 

Main Pros: 

  1. Generous monthly credit limit vs Seamless, Apollo.

Note: Apollo gives "unlimited" email credits, but you pay to extract them from the platform. For someone like me who uses another CRM (EngageBay in this case), that's not a great option. 

  1. ContactOut found contact info for most of the leads I browsed, due to its large database, including phone numbers. 

  1. Instant option to save leads to any CRM via Zapier. (From the extension panel itself!)

  1. Ability to add quick notes from the extension panel.

  1. Direct access to further data enrichment within the web app. 


Overall, I've decided to continue using ContactOut. The ability to pipe leads directly to my CRM from a Chrome extension, without having to go through something like Apollo or Waalaxy, makes it a perfect tool for my daily B2B lead generation activity.

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